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How we help start-ups realise their big ambition

At Hammerson, we offer start-ups and entrepreneurs decades worth of expertise in 10 iconic, award-winning shopping destinations in the UK & Ireland. When you partner with us, we work with you to tailor a solution that not only makes sense for your business, but also aims to help you grow your business.

Our centres are invaluable incubators for innovative, trend-setting ideas that provide unique shopping experiences for millions of consumers every day, generating billions in annual retail sales. With an average customer dwell time of 98 minutes, our mid-mall spaces are strategically located to take advantage of the most exciting retail destinations in the country.

Business shopper engagement

Whether you’re thinking about starting a new business or your business is growing, Hammerson’s retail destinations offer a number of opportunities to help put your businesses in the best position to generate awareness, reach new audiences and succeed.

Our prime locations, strategic positioning and expertise all aim to help start-ups and entrepreneurs to take advantage of the exposure our venues can offer and the high customer traffic locations for the best shopper engagement opportunities.

Start up opportunity

Hammerson Engage supports start-ups and entrepreneurs through a range of business opportunities. Our retail opportunities help more than 100 temporary tenants dazzle 280 million visitors a year.

  • Pop-up Retail - miniature portable installations, mobile vehicles or fixed spaces used by start-ups and entrepreneurs to test products, service or the market-place.
  • Mall Retail –short term or long-term mid-mall retail kiosks, catering units or bespoke carts, barrows or vehicles.
  • Advertising & Media – placement of advertisements across our indoor or outdoor digital or static locations to drive awareness or offer discounts.
  • Unique to you – any concepts, innovative campaigns or new ideas, let’s collaborate.

Our dedicated onsite team are available to help you select the perfect solution for your business needs.

Where to engage

The spaces, events and media opportunities we've selected below are perfect for your experiential or promotional activity...